Women’s Advance – Spring Series

As a prelude to the annual Women’s Advance Conference, the Women’s Center will be hosting a series of workshops this spring that are designed to expand skills, increase knowledge, and enhance networks to promote a more inclusive and supportive working and learning environment.  Our theme this year is Forging New Paths – Manifesting Justice.


Thursday, March 11th   12:30pm – 2pm

Forging New Paths through Conflict: Communicating with Clarity, Confidence and Compassion

Communicating in the midst of conflict can be difficult, particularly when we believe people are behaving inappropriately or unjustly, and/or our values and strongly held beliefs are being challenged.  This interactive workshop introduces participants to nonviolent communication (“NVC”), a process grounded in compassion, empathy and authentic self-expression.  The session is designed to teach communication techniques that de-escalate emotionally charged conversations, provide opportunities for more meaningful human connections, and a pathway to constructive resolution of conflict.  This workshop will be led by Donna Douglass Williams, Ombudsperson at UCHC.

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Thursday, March 25th   12:30pm – 2pm

The Hill We Climb

Join the discussion with Rhonda Ward, poet laureate for the City of New London, as we use Amanda Gorman’s poem as the springboard for discussion of, and reflection on “the history that we stand on, and the future that we stand for.”

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Thursday, April 8th   12:30pm – 2pm

Enough: A Workshop on Impostor Syndrome

Do you ever find yourself thinking you don’t deserve the place that you’ve earned? Or that someone has made a mistake in allowing you to be where you are? This workshop will take a broad view of Imposter Syndrome, with a mix of information, practical tips and tricks, and a safe space for swapping stories (anonymously if you choose!).

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