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Programming  works to create and recreate Women’s Center programs which include discussions, film screenings, and interactive activities surrounding topics regarding feminism, body image, media literacy, politics, herstory, and mental health. These include annual programs such as Fat Talk Free Week, Love Your Body Day, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Women’s Herstory Month, and Fresh Check Day. Although these are some of the Women’s Center’s signature programs, we will be organizing additional programs based on educational, cultural, social and developmental needs of students, with the goal of advancing gender equity on campus and in the wider community.
Meets weekly on Mondays from 7-8pm


Marketing and Outreach promotes the initiatives of the Women’s Center to engage the campus community. This includes the development of all marketing communications including social media, promoting events, and generating advertisements.  Additionally, the committee seeks to raise the profile, increase visibility, and promote community awareness of the Women’s Center and building relationships with other organizations and entities on campus.
Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7-8pm


For more information, please contact WCInvolvement@uconn.edu.