Ongoing Groups

All groups are meet in the Women’s Center.  For information about off-campus groups, or groups on specific issues, please visit the Infoline 211 Website.

Women’s Affinity Group

A networking/discussion series that is for all women in our community, across various identities (demographics, roles at the University, departments and disciplines, etc.). The focus will be on how gender matters in our professional and personal lives, and will include development activities such as workshops, networking events, speakers, etc. For more information, please contact

In-Power – A New Group

In-Power is a new weekly student-led support group dedicated to building a gender-inclusive community that welcomes victim-survivors of sexual assault, stalking, and/or intimate partner violence at any point in their healing process.  Through a focus on empowerment, autonomy, and resilience, the group aims to help participants claim agency over their own stories and experiences, as well as the direction of the group. We’ll be accomplishing this with a variety self-care methods.  Discussion topics may include:  Blame & Shame, Intersecting Identities, Mental Health, Bodies, Sex & Love, and Literature and Media. 

If you are interested in joining the group, please reach out to the facilitators at

Between Women

Fall 2019 Meetings: Wednesdays from 6 – 8pm in the Women’s Center Program Room


A discussion group for queer or questioning women.  Come and discuss fun topics, movies and more with women who share your feelings and experiences. Although we love the support of our allies, this meeting is closed to LGBTQIA* women. This is for the confidentiality and comfort of our participants. This is not appropriate for students from classes who are interested in interviewing those within the community. If you are interested in attending this group, please contact the facilitator.

Topics Schedule Fall 2019

9/4, Week 1: Introductions

9/11, Week 2: LGBT+ Identities

9/18, Week 3: Coming out

9/25, Week 4: LGBT+ representation in media 

10/2, Week 5: Relationships 

10/9, Week 6: Movie night

10/16, Week 7: Religion and the LGBT+ community

10/23, Week 8:  LGBT+ history

10/30, Week 9: Shared LGBT+ experiences

11/6, Week 10: LGBT+ identity and politics 

11/13, Week 12: Safe spaces

11/20, Week 13: Craft night

12/3, Week 14: Intersecting Identities

12/11, Week 15: End of Semester Celebration

UConn Men’s Project

Contact: or Tommy Jacobsen at 860-486-4738

Applications for the Spring 2020 cohort will be available in November.

The Men’s Project is an eleven-week training.  The day and time to be determined by participant availability.

The program is supported by the UConn Women’s Center and the Asian American Cultural Center, whose staff serve as advisors and support for this initiative.  The goal of The Men’s Project is to train men who will then positively influence their peers by challenging social norms that promote gender-based violence; understanding their connection to survivors of gender-based violence; and role modeling effective bystander interventions.  The weekly meetings will focus on topics related to gender socialization, masculinities, social justice and gender-based violence.

We will select approximately 15 – 20 students for this initiative.  The purpose of the project is to identify and train individuals who may be seen as having influence with their peers.  However, all students are encouraged to apply.  We are looking for a diverse group of participants with unique experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Applications are available at and due on Friday, 1/31/20. If you are interested or know of men who may be, please forward potential candidates’ names and all known contact information to

Greeks Against Sexual Assault (GASA)

Contact: or Bruna Basso or Frankie Anile-Santiago at 860-486-4738

Applications for the Spring 2020 cohort will be available in November.

In partnership with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Women’s Center, Greeks Against Sexual Assault is a group of Greek-affiliated students who come together to discuss issues of gender, sexuality, violence, and privilege in a safe space. Our mission is to analyze and understand how rape culture is manifested in our college campus setting as a result of the behaviors and attitudes of students both within and outside of the Greek community, and to work toward creating a safer campus environment for all.  The goal of GASA is to train members of fraternities and sororities so they can then positively influence their peers by challenging social norms that promote gender-based violence; understanding their connection to survivors of gender-based violence; and role modeling effective bystander interventions.  As Greeks, we must to use our positions of leadership to raise awareness on issues of intersectionality and be active advocates of positive change.

Who is eligible?

Any Greek-affiliated student who has not previously participated in GASA.  Must be a current undergraduate student in a fraternity or sorority a recognized by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL).

How do students apply and get selected?

Depending on the quantity and quality of applications, we will select around 25 participants. We are looking for diverse representation in gender, fraternity/sorority council, and class year.


GASA will meet one night per week for two hours (day TBD) for a total of 8 weeks.

What can I get out of this program?

GASA is meant to provide students with a safe, judgement-free space to share their experiences and perspectives on issues relating to gender-based violence, sexual assault, and oppression of different forms. This knowledge can be brought back to your organization to build stronger communities, as well as be implemented in your personal life to be a resource for survivors of sexual violence and practice bystander invention.

Past Groups


For more information and/or to schedule a required group orientation appointment please contact Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) at (860) 486-4705.

The South Asian Tree

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Do you identify with one of the countries listed above either through self or family? If so, come join in on dialogues of balancing South Asian heritage with North American ideologies and the implications it has on day to day experiences including life at UConn.

Women of Color Book Circle

This group is open to ALL women who are interested in reading books and stories that promote thoughtful reflection and discussion of issues relevant to Women of Color.

Support Staff Brown Bag Lunch

This group is an effort to bring support staff together for professional development and networking, with the goal of enhancing the workplace climate and to support the personal and professional growth of women. Activities include bringing in guest speakers, participating in professional development workshops, viewing videos, etc. Bring your ideas and your lunch. Drinks and desserts will be provided.