Men’s Project Spring 2016

The Women’s Center is currently recruiting participants for Men’s Project Spring 2016. This is an eleven-week training that begins in February. The day and time to be determined by participant availability.

The program is supported by the UConn Women’s Center and the Asian American Cultural Center, whose staff serve as advisors and support for this initiative.  The goal of the Men’s Project is to train men who will then positively influence their peers by challenging social norms that promote gender-based violence; understanding their connection to survivors of gender-based violence; and role modeling effective bystander interventions. The weekly meetings will focus on topics related to gender socialization, masculinities, social justice and gender-based violence.

We will select approximately 15- 20 students for this initiative. The purpose of the project is to identify and train individuals who may be seen as having influence with their peers. However, all students are encouraged to apply. We are looking for a diverse group of participants with unique experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.  For more information, please contact

Applications are due by December 8, 2015 and are available at