Introducing Empower Hour, a Virtual Series to Stay Connected!

The Women’s Affinity Group would like to introduce Empower Hour, a weekly virtual series throughout the month of May to bring together women faculty and staff at UConn. As many of us are experiencing drastic changes to both our work and personal lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal of the Empower Hour series is to provide a space for us to be in community with one another and exchange inspiration and advice.

Each Friday at lunch time (12pm-1pm), the Women’s Affinity Group will host an open WebEx meeting around a specific topic based on the results of the survey distributed by the Women’s Affinity Group earlier this month (thanks to those of you who contributed!). Anyone is welcome to join and participate in the conversation, share practices that have been working for them, ask for advice from other participants, or just listen for some inspiration. Check out the schedule and some possible discussion topics below:


May 1

Working From Home with Children/Family
(in partnership with Moms4Moms)

  • Balancing remote work and childcare/family care
  • At-home activities for children of different ages
  • Homeschooling (or not)
  • Explaining COVID-19 and social distancing to children of different ages

Meeting link:
Password: EmpowerHour

Join by phone: 1-415-655-0002
Access code: 612 877 532


May 8

Staying Connected while Setting Boundaries

  • Ways to stay connected with co-workers while being physically distant
  • Setting boundaries when you’re working and living in the same space
  • Extrovert-oriented and introvert-oriented virtual connection opportunities

Meeting link:
Password: EmpowerHour

Join by phone: 1-415-655-0002
Access code: 612 143 580


May 15

Healthy Eating

  • Overall healthy eating tips
  • Recipe sharing

Meeting link:
Password: zdPsnA33jA4

Join by phone: 1-415-655-0002
Access code: 619 404 255


May 22

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

  • Stress and anxiety management strategies
  • Exercise and other at-home physical activity ideas
  • At-home hobbies
  • Handling grey areas related to working from home

Meeting link:
Password: T8UpTKJmp67

Join by phone: 1-415-655-0002
Access code: 617 705 823


May 29

Implications of COVID-19 and Social Distancing on our Work

  • Remote work support resources
  • Supporting students remotely
  • When and how work will resume on-campus
  • Pros and cons of the virtual workspace that may follow us back to campus

Meeting Link:
Password: EmpowerHour

Join by phone: 1-415-655-0002
Access Code: 618 743 462

If anyone would like to submit a specific discussion question for any of these meetings ahead of time, please email, and we will pass it on to the appropriate facilitator.

We hope to see you soon!


The Women’s Affinity Group Planning Committee

Amanda Cannada, Africana Studies
Brandy Ciraldo, ITS
Lisa Famularo, Center for Career Development
Nikki Garcia, Student Activities
Kathleen Holgerson, Women’s Center
Charlotte Nelson, Psychological Sciences
Kathy Pais, Biology Advising Center
Ashley Sandy, Natural Resources & the Environment
Rebecca Walker, Economics


The Women’s Affinity Group at the University of Connecticut seeks to strengthen and empower the network of all women faculty, staff, and graduate assistants in our community across various identities through professional development workshops and social networking events. We aim to highlight and provide a space to process the various ways that gender matters in the personal and professional lives of women.