VAWPP Workshops

vawppThe following workshops are available with the Violence Against Women Prevention Program (VAWPP) Peer Educators. The broad goals of all of these workshops are:


      • To engage students in critical conversations about power and victimization across the continuum of gender-based violence from sexist attitudes to assault.
      • To empower students to take an active role in changing the cultural norms that support sexual victimization.
      • To provide students with basic information about support and crisis intervention resources both on and off campus.


Workshop Offerings Include:

  1. Consent 201*: This workshop invites students to think critically about common patterns of communication around requests, negotiation, pressure and coercion. Facilitators will use fun, interactive, non-sexual role-play to help students discuss dynamics within sexual and romantic situations.   *Core Component Workshop for FYE.
  1. Power and Control (in Relationships): This workshop invites students to examine the role of power and control in relationships and provides them with tools for assessing the health of their own connections. Through interactive, small group exercises, students are challenged to think critically about unhealthy cultural norms, various forms of relationship violence and the cycle of abuse. Students will also gain tools necessary to support friends who may be experiencing relationship violence.
  1. Gender & Violence in the Media: Music videos, magazines, newspapers, television – we all consume these images every day. This workshop invites students to critically examine what these sources are telling us about gender roles and expectations. Discussion will focus on how traditional gender norms perpetuate a rape supportive culture where gender-based violence is prevalent, normalized and excused; and the ways students can interrupt and shift culture.

Workshops are 45 – 50 minutes in length, and usually involve interactive exercises, and discussion. To request a workshop* with VAWPP Peer Facilitators or with Women’s Center professional staff, please fill out our on-line form or email

*NOTE: All FYE/UNIV workshops must be scheduled through the link below.