FYE Workshop Request

Consent 201 is a core component workshop for FYE/UNIV courses.

This workshop invites students to think critically about common patterns of communication around requests, negotiation, pressure and coercion.  Facilitators will use fun, interactive, non-sexual role-play to help students discuss dynamics within sexual and romantic situations.

Updated as of 7/30/21

Please note we will begin accepting workshop requests on 8/2/21. 

FYE Instructors info F21 – FYE conference

New this year, we will be limiting the number of workshops scheduled in a given week.  If you are unable to schedule a session for your course meeting time, please contact us directly at vawpp@uconn.edu.

Workshops will be delivered in person for the fall 2021 semester.  If your class is virtual, please let us know as we do have a virtual version available.

Consent 201 Expectation Differences

Please direct questions or concerns to vawpp@uconn.edu