FYE Workshop Request

Consent 201 is the core component workshop for FYE/UNIV courses.

This workshop invites students to think critically about common patterns of communication around requests, negotiation, pressure and coercion. Facilitators will use fun, interactive, non-sexual role-play to help students discuss dynamics within sexual and romantic situations.

In order to maximize learning, we ask that you please consider assigning Al Vernaccio’s TED Talk, Sex needs a new metaphor. Here’s one…  ahead of time. Vernaccio unpacks the game of baseball as the dominant cultural metaphor used to think and talk about sex in America, and explains how detrimental it is to developing healthy sexuality.

This 8-minute TED Talk is sure to get your students thinking about how stereotypical gender roles and expectations, reinforced by the baseball metaphor, have shaped their own sexual or romantic experiences. Integrating this assignment into your course syllabus can also create an opportunity for you to expand the conversation beyond the VAWPP workshop.


All requests for FYE/UNIV workshops must be submitted through the link below.  The request portal is designed to confirm on a first-come, first-served basis. If the start time of your class period is not listed as an option, it is no longer available. We kindly ask that you select an alternative date.  After you’ve successfully completed the request process, you will receive an initial confirmation, and a reminder roughly a week before the workshop.



Please direct questions or concerns to vawpp@uconn.edu