NCCWSL Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ prospective students may have around the National Conference for College Women Leaders (NCCWSL):

  • Is this conference only for undergraduate students? Can graduate students attend? 
    • Although this conference is geared towards undergraduate students, graduate students can attend and will also learn a lot of useful and wise information about being a woman leader.
  • If I get accepted and attend, what obligations does this conference entail?
    • Once the program is over, you will be asked to submit a write-up of your experiences and what you learned. You will also have to figure out with others in this program how you share the information with others at UConn. For example, some of us volunteered to help create this FAQ and others helped create a video detailing our experiences.
  • What are the benefits of attending this conference?
    • There are many benefits of attending the conference, including:
      • Networking and Professional Development: You will have the opportunity to meet other women interested in similar topics, engage in professional development around leadership, and gain insightful information on careers and graduate school. In addition to forming connections with other UConn students, you are likely to meet new people from other universities and colleges. as well as form connections with other UConn students.
      • Knowledge Expansion: There are various workshops on different topics such as improving your financial situation, planning for life after college, learning to network, how to grow as a leader, and plenty of other general career advice.
      • Empowerment of College Women: In these workshops, you will have a chance to listen to highly motivated speakers from different backgrounds, challenges that they encounter and how they overcame it. You also have opportunities to discuss, connect and inspire other people in the conference.
  • Do I have to attend the whole conference?
    • In order to get a full and holistic experience, it is recommended that you attend as much of the conference as possible. However, if you are unable to attend the whole day for any specific reason, it is fine if you miss a few workshops.
  • What types of workshops are offered?
    • Topics ranged from getting a job, getting into graduate school, networking, negotiating a salary, social justice, women’s empowerment, leadership, using your undergraduate club experience on your resume, and women in STEM careers and pathways. Additionally, informal networking time was provided.
  • How can I get notes from workshops that I wasn’t able to attend due to being unavailable, or generally stay in contact with peers also attending?
    • In 2020, NCCWSL was virtual. As such, people in the program created and shared notes in a Google Drive folder created specifically for the conference, which gave the conference attendees access to everyone’s notes. Additionally, we created lines of communication amongst ourselves in order to stay in touch with one another. This can be continued in future years in order to have a collection of notes taken from workshops. 
  • If the conference is online, can I rewatch a workshop later in the event that I miss it?
    • You can watch the recordings of the seminars and workshops after they have happened online for a predetermined amount of time after the conference using your login credentials.

Still Curious? Check out these informational video snippets from Mikayla Moody, a 2021 NCCWSL participant:

How did you first learn about NCCWSL?


Why should a UConn student apply for this opportunity?


How did you apply the skills you learned from this conference?